There are loads of different volunteering roles for people to get involved in across the UK – even here at Options, we have a long list of opportunities (which you can find out about here)! So sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin.

For some, even just starting voluntary work can be quite scary at first – with meeting new people, doing new things and wondering if the role is right for you.

But don’t worry! We’ve put together some tips and advice for anyone interested in volunteering with us or just in general.

1. Dealing with nerves and being new

At Options, we’re person-centred in all we do. For that reason, we have an extremely welcoming environment where everyone fits in! We believe that everyone is unique and feel that expressing your uniqueness is really important.

Everyone here is supportive and there’s always someone there if you need to talk or ask for advice.

2. Look to develop skills and gain experience

Volunteering offers opportunities for people to learn new things, develop and improve skills. With a wide variety of roles on offer here at Options, there’s a number of ways volunteers can try something different, gain more experience and acquire skills.

Options really prides itself in functioning as a learning organisation. Because of the specialism of social care, we give our volunteers opportunities to develop through our in-house training programme with the focus on developing the understanding of social care and the wider impact. We also invest heavily in training and development to ensure our volunteers have essential skills to carry out their role. Our staff are always happy to help volunteers improve and provide support if they ever wanted to take on a new role or develop in their area.

Regular check ins are carried out to catch up with our volunteers on the progress they are making and discuss how they are getting on in their role.

3. Find out more about the organisation you want to volunteer for

Wherever you volunteer, be sure to find out about who the company are and what they do to make sure they’re right for you and you’re right for them. At Options, we recruit staff and volunteers who have and share our great values, and are committed to our mission. Our website holds all the information a volunteer may need, but we’re always just a phone call away if you wanted to find out more about us!

4. Have fun!

The most important tip we have for volunteers is to have fun! The best opportunities out there will allow you to learn and be challenged all while having a good time. At Options, with the events you get to attend and the people you can meet, there will always be opportunities for this.

5. Being a fabulous volunteer

The biggest thing we look for in our volunteers is for them to be themselves and to be committed – this to us, is what makes a fabulous volunteer. Commitment is extremely important when you’re volunteering in social care as you will often be part of someone’s life, especially if you are a Befriender.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us or wish to find out more, please use our volunteer form here or contact us on 0151 236 0855.

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