Thank you to everyone who voted for us in Tesco’s stores in Wirral over the last few months! It is Bags of Help!


We are delighted to have been successful in securing £4,000 to continue our partnership with Holmwood Farm. We spoke to a few of the people we support who have been involved so far about what they had been up to when they had visited Holmwood.



Jimmy was brought up on a farm so there is not much Jimmy can be taught that he doesn’t already know! Jimmy has helped feeding and cleaning the animals and has helped with some of the manual work, clearing areas and planting herbs, flowers, rhubarb and strawberries. Jimmy really enjoys meeting new people in a friendly atmosphere.



Tommy really enjoys getting some fresh air and getting used to the animals (though he’s still not confident enough to go in the enclosure). Tommy helped with some planting and absolutely loves brushing up the weeds once they have been pulled out. Tommy enjoys having his lunch out at the farm and likes the social aspect of it. Tommy hopes he will be able to do more in the future but at the moment enjoys being out in the open with friendly people. Tommy really enjoyed the picnic at the farm on our first ‘open day’ and is looking forward to the pumpkin carving day in October.

Bags of Help


Jim’s confidence just keeps growing. He learnt a lot about plants from working and continuing to work at the Vale Park and now he can pass on the things he’s learnt to the people at the farm. He loves discussing things with Neil, the owner of Holmwood Farm, who is a landscape gardener by trade.  Jim has now been learning about the upkeep of the animals. He has taken part in planting, feeding and grooming the animals, binding the logs for sale, looking after the chickens and securing the fencing. He has helped grow and sell rhubarb to customers and is learning how much money it takes to run the farm.

Bags of Help


Alan comes along to the farm every other week. Alan really enjoys taking part in the care for the animals and has learnt how much work goes into their upkeep. Alan also helped to build a greenhouse, secure the fencing so that the pigs don’t escape, planting and collecting eggs from the chicken coup. Alan has become more confident and said he now likes socialising more with people outside of his support. Alan recently attended a BBQ, a lot of other people attended and Alan said he enjoyed talking to others and didn’t feel so anxious. Alan said this was due to meeting members of the public who visit the farm.

Bags of Help


Jamie was at a loose end on Fridays as a community centre that he attended had closed down.  We suggested he might like to visit the farm and he reluctantly agreed. Jamie said he didn’t know what to expect and now will not miss spending a Friday at the farm. Jamie has learnt so much from looking after the animals. He has learnt how much it takes to care for them not just with time but financially too. Jamie loves the alpacas and now knows they originally come from Peru. Jamie had the idea of adopting an animal at the farm and taking responsibility for its upkeep.


Jamie has helped to do many things on the farm, feeding the animals, securing fences, planting and growing flowers, plants, strawberries and rhubarb and his all-time favourite grooming the goats and helping to cut their nails! He has done a lot of manual work and is currently learning how to bind and load logs ready for sale. This is how Holmwood Farm make most of their money for its upkeep, so every penny raised is Bags of Help. Jamie would like to get involved in delivering logs to customers.


When Jamie started going to the farm he was too nervous to travel to a new place without support and the best outcome has been that Jamie has grown in confidence enough to take the step of traveling their on his own.  Jamie is now going to be a travel trainer for other people who might be anxious to travel to the farm.


Bags of Help will enable us to continue to work in partnership with Holmwood Farm and provide new and exciting opportunities for more Holmwood Farmhands! Keep up to date with our work on the farm by following us on Facebook!


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