Alan at Songs of Praise

Alan has always been a massive fan of Songs of Praise and watches it every week without fail. As a very religious man, he regularly attends Church on Sunday and loves singing hymns.

So it was no wonder that he made it one of his aspirations in his Person Centred Plan to go on an episode of Songs of Praise. And he got to do just that!

When his support team found out that it was being filmed in Wirral, they organised it so Alan could go down and see how his favourite show comes to life.

Support worker Shaun said: “Alan doesn’t really enjoy big crowds but after providing some reassurance Alan was empowered to enjoy the experience thoroughly and as a result had a really fulfilling evening.”

Development Manager Sharon added: “This is the best thing for him.”

Speaking about getting to go along to Songs of Praise, Alan said: “I’m quite musical, I’m learning how to play the piano and guitar, and I’m really good, so I really enjoyed it. I got to sing the hymns and see it being filmed.

“And do you know what they do? They put lights outside the windows to make it seem like it’s day, when it’s actually filmed at night!”

Alan at Songs of Praise

Alan at Songs of Praise

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