On the 30th of June this year (2023) we will be holding our yearly Tea Party. ‘…dynamic and inclusive communities.’ forms a large part of Our Vision as a non-profit organisation.

Every year, besides the pandemic of course, we have celebrated being part of the community in our little neck of the woods of Liverpool’s City Centre.

Our aim is to engage with those working and living in our local area and gives us the opportunity to show who we are, what we do and perhaps more importantly, how the people we support lead us in making this great event happen.

The community has changed in recent years through urban development from a largely business area, to a community that now includes a much higher proportion of residential homes. Even with these changes we continue to improve and develop each year with the same aim.

Thanks to Liverpool Parish Church of Our Lady & Saint Nicholas we host our Vintage Tea Party in St Nicholas’ Gardens. Not only does this provide us with a beautiful space in which to ‘work our magic’, but also ensures that we get to meet lots of different people who may happen to pass by. Many are delightfully surprised when they happen upon our community event and always go away a little happier.

Take a look at just some of the great photos taken at last year’s event and come back soon for some of this year’s exciting snapshots.

We would like to thank Rob Flynn & Dave Balchin for their excellent photographic contributions last year and would also like to thank all our volunteers and those helping out on the day.

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