At Options, we support a diverse community of people to be able to access the resources they need to live their best lives. Samo is a valued and inspiring member of our dynamic community and has been a key part of many projects and initiatives during his time with us. We caught up with Samo to hear all about his experience with us and the different activities that he gets involved with.

When did you hear about Options?

I heard about Options in 1993, so about 30 years ago.

What support has Options given you?

They helped me get out and about in the community and go to different places like Museums and Options parties. We also went on a trip to Bendrigg Trust where we did activities like canoeing, mountain climbing and abseiling.

Options helped me with other things at home, like cleaning my house. My support with Options started with a social worker, who really helped with my confidence because my trust had been broken before with other agencies, but they helped me to come out of my shell.

They gave me support when I was transitioning, which was a big part of my life. Options have trans staff, so they were really accepting. I was able to go to the local Pride celebrations and they introduced me to an LGBTQ+ support group in Wakefield. During my transition, they also supported the people around me, by helping my friends and community to understand trans perspectives. With Options, I create colourful, activist art to help raise awareness of trans rights, autism and seizure awareness. This is something I enjoy and it helps to take my mind off things. My work was shown at Tate Liverpool.

You’re now quite involved with Options; what kind of things do you do?

I’m a lead for Voices R Us. I spoke to Gill who was the previous leader. She has a brother with Down Syndrome and she started the group to help people with disabilities to have a voice. I’ve been part of the group for 19 years and our voices and feelings are listened to. Options always make the changes we need to give us better support. I saw how important the meetings are and I wanted to get involved. Anita from the Wirral Voices R Us comes over during the meetings to support me in case of any seizures. I’ve done lots of other things here like my art projects and I’ve also done a first aid training course with The Brain Charity.

What does the support mean to you?

If I didn’t have the support, I’d be shut out from the world because of my social anxiety. Being in large crowds can make me feel claustrophobic and I can have seizures. I don’t let my disabilities define me or my life, I still do art exhibitions at Tate Liverpool, lead the Voices R Us group and talk to my community. Options make me feel safe, happy and confident.

If you had to describe Options to someone else, how would you describe them?

The best agency I’ve been with, supportive, I’d never want to change.

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