At Options, your support is invaluable to us, so thank you for choosing to donate. Your donation could change someone’s life for the better by helping us to provide the best possible support for people with disabilities and their families, so that they can live their most fulfilling and meaningful lives. 

There are lots of different ways that you can donate to us, take a look at the different choices and see what suits you best. If you’re all set to make your donation, please get in touch.

One-off donations

Every donation makes a difference, no matter the amount. One-off donations add up to make real change to our diverse communities across Liverpool, the Wirral and Sefton. Your one-off donation will help us to encourage someone we support to try something new. Whether this is a bucket list item, a social activity or a new hobby, your donation could change a life.

Here’s how your donations can help us:

  • £25

    can fund a first month’s gym membership for someone we support.

  • £100

    can provide four hours of skilled support to enable someone to attend an activity.

  • £1,000

    might just enable someone to take on one of their bucket list activities, such as a show and overnight stay in London, or even a weekend away in Wales.

Regular donations

You can help us to make a lasting impact through regular donations. By setting up a regular donation with Options, you can change someone’s life by enabling us to provide long-term support. From supporting someone to learn new skills, to educating the community around them, your donation could help to create a better world for people with learning disabilities.

Here’s how your regular donations can help us:

  • £5

    a month could help us to translate and print important public information into EasyRead format to make it accessible.

  • £15

    a month means that we can support a member of our community in travelling to an event as a self-advocate.

  • £50

    per month can enable someone we support to take part in an 8-week cookery course to learn the skills they need to cook and eat healthily. 

Give in memory

If you want to remember a loved one and celebrate their life in a special way then you can help to improve the lives of others by giving in memory. By setting up your in memory donation page, you can honour the memory of someone special to you whilst providing remarkable support. We’d love to hear all about your loved one and their legacy.

Leave a gift in your will

IIf you share our mission to support and empower people with disabilities to live a full life, then you might want to leave a gift in your will. No matter what the future holds, you can leave an inspiring legacy. Have a chat with us today.

Major gifts and philanthropy

If you’re considering making a major donation then the Options team is here to help. We’re grateful for your generous support, which can help us to reach and provide support to many more people with disabilities and their families. If you’d like to donate your time, money, skills or talent, there are lots of ways that your gifts can make a difference. Get in touch to explore the best option for you.