We know it can be difficult and complicated to get the right support for you. So we’ve broken it down into 7 simple steps to help guide you through.

Step 1 – Get some info
Get in touch with us – no commitment or obligation – simply a helpful chat. You can drop us a line on 0151 236 0855 and we can talk through the type of support you’re looking for or email us at welcome@optionsforsupportedliving.org. We can send you further information by post or email if that’s helpful.

Step 2 – Contact Social Services
Get in touch with a Social Worker/Care Manager to get yourself a care assessment. This will determine the amount of support Social Services will be able to fund for you. You can request that we provide your support.

Step 3 – Choose your support
How would you like to be supported? One of our Development Managers can have a chat with you about this. To discuss your support further, they can also arrange to visit you, at a good time for you and your family. Together, you can explore how Options can best support you.



Step 4 – How to cover costs
The wheels are in motion! Depending on the outcome of your care assessment, Social Services may pay directly for you. Alternatively, you can buy support directly from Options using private income, Direct Payment, or Personal Budget.

Step 5 – Getting to know you
Next up, we really want to spend time getting to know you so we can provide the very best support. This includes finding out what’s important to you, what makes you tick, and what you want out of life. We will work together to develop a Person Centred Plan which will have all this important information in, to make sure your support is tailored just right for you.

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Step 6 – Your staff
We believe one of the most important aspects of your support is finding the right staff. We will match or recruit a dedicated support staff team for you. We are really big on recruiting our staff based on their values and we give them the skills they will need to be fantastic in their role. We’re really proud to invest heavily in training our staff, going above and beyond any statutory requirements. All our staff are DBS checked. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your new staff before they start supporting you.

Step 7 – Live your life to the full
We will support you to live the life you want for yourself. We will continuously review how we can best support you. This will include a review meeting each year with you, your family/carers and any other professionals involved in your life to make sure we’re on track.

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