Step inside Options and you’ll find passionate, talented and real ‘people people’.

We really do grow our talent from within so you’ll have lots of opportunities to develop with us. We nurture your talent, give you lots of useful training and help you to be fabulous at your role.

We welcome new staff with big open arms … and we have lots of social events too!

All our staff make a commitment to working in line with the following values

  • Vision 
    We have a clear sense of purpose and direction.
  • Listening
    We listen to each other, and don’t jump in with our own views before considering others. This reflects our respect of each other.
  • Enabling
    We support each other to develop our skills and abilities, and to use them effectively for the benefit of those we support. Therefore we don’t jump in to do everything ourselves, but look to developing and using the skills of others.


  • Integrity
    We seek in our actions, in what we do, to reflect what we say and believe. We say what we mean and do what we say.
  • Teamwork
    We recognise each other’s different skills, experiences and abilities and seek to use each to work as a team, and to support each other in good and in bad.
  • Recognition and Encouragement
    Appreciation and encouragement are great motivators. We seek to identify opportunities to praise and encourage each other, and we celebrate success.

Investors in people 3

  • Challenge
    We rigorously debate our difference of opinion and see such debates as healthy and positive. Once a decision is made we work wholeheartedly towards the agreed decision.
  • Commitment
    We work hard to enable people we support to achieve their goals. When the going gets tough we stick in there. But we are also committed to balanced lives, as we seek full lives for the people we support, we also seek to ensure staff do not work excessive hours, and have time for themselves and others outside of work.
  • Confidentiality
    We share specific, private information on a need to know basis, and within supervision systems. We do not gossip about others, and we do not create negative reputations for people we support.
  • Rigour
    We act and make decisions on what makes a real difference to the quality of life of those we support. When necessary we take hard and painful decisions.
  • Risk Taking
    We are willing and keen to take thought through risks and make productive mistakes.
  • Learning
    We are creative and try different ways of doing things. We make mistakes, but after they occur we learn from them to ensure we do not happen again.


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