We’re committed to being a voice for social care and speaking out about the things that matter most. We want to hear your voice in our campaigns to help us make a real difference.

Campaign with us 

We’re committed to being a voice for social care and speaking out about the things that matter most. We want to hear your voice in our campaigns to help us make a real difference.

Why we need you

We believe that all people have the right to access the resources to control their own lives and be treated with dignity and respect. We need your support to raise awareness of the issues that matter most to us and help us raise money to continue providing the best possible support and services for our dynamic and inclusive communities. We care about helping those around us and you could help us to create a brighter future.

What can I do?

Joining us in campaigning for change can take many different forms. Check out the ways that you can get involved:

Email your MP

If you want to help us make a change in your community, then contacting your local MP is a great way to campaign. Your MP represents your views and what matters to you, to help make positive changes. By emailing your MP you can begin to influence how people in your community are treated.

Sign petitions 

It’s quick and easy to sign a petition, and anyone can start one. Your signature is very important in helping us take action for the important issues.  By signing a petition, you could demand change on core issues, such as better access to information for people with disabilities. Your signature helps to raise awareness so that you can help to create a more inclusive community.

Share your story 

Everyone’s story is different. Sharing your unique, personal story might encourage others to do the same. It also helps to raise awareness of the different experiences of people with disabilities and their families, so we can overcome challenges together.

What issues do we campaign on?

Our campaigns work to tackle issues that matter the most to our communities. From raising awareness around mental and physical health support for people with disabilities, to encouraging a fairer society so that people can live their most fulfilling lives. Some of the previous campaigns we’ve worked on include:

Project Collective

We were a part of an arts collective that raised awareness about current campaigns and issues raised by people with disabilities through art. The campaign provided the opportunity for members of our dynamic communities to creatively express themselves, whilst helping us in our journey to overcome challenges to people living their lives to the fullest.

5 steps to health and accessing good health care

Our 5 steps to health campaign helped to give helpful advice and support to people with disabilities and their families to take the best steps to great health and healthcare. Full of useful tips, important reminders and key information, the campaign raised awareness about the challenges we’re campaigning to overcome and became a useful guide to make sure the people in our communities are accessing the best care.

Mental Health Champions

Our campaign to promote good mental health in the people we support, their families and our staff saw us become wellbeing and mental health champions. The programme was created and ran for members of our amazing team from our communities across Liverpool, the Wirral and Sefton. They had the opportunity to take on some important training to become mental health first aiders and be able to provide the right support within our communities. Our innovative Employee Assistance Programme meant that the initiative was extended to families to provide support on a much wider scale.