Community and connection are what drives our work and the impact we have, so we love partnering with diverse organisations. Our work is made possible through generous donations by our inspiring partners. Together, we can change lives and help people with disabilities in our vibrant communities to live lives to the full. If you’d like to become a partner, then talk to us. We’d love to hear from you.

Working together in partnership 

Your organisation can help to change lives. Becoming a partner is a fantastic way to raise your corporate social responsibility, whilst uniting your team, teaching new skills and increasing personal development. Supporting Options through a partnership enables us to make a real change to the lives of the people we support, providing the funds to teach them important life skills, supply the trained staff and allow them to experience brand new things. No two partnerships are the same, so we’d like to hear from you about what a partnership can look like for your organisation. Chat to us today about how we can work together. 

Corporate sponsorship 

If your organisation would like to be a part of something great and make a difference, then you could support us through a corporate sponsorship. By sponsoring us, your generosity could help make our communities vibrant, inclusive places. 

Charity of the Year 

By making Options your charity of the year, we could begin a special partnership that supports us in making our communities across Liverpool, the Wirral and Sefton a great place to be a part of. If you’re looking for a charity partner who is making a tangible difference in your local community, then this is a great opportunity to bring your staff together to support an inspiring cause. 

Commercial participation 

If you want to make a difference through the work of your organisation, then supporting Options through commercial participation could be for you. Commercial participation allows your organisation the opportunity to raise money and provide generous contributions to help us continue our impact through the day-to-day work that you do. Whether it’s your next sales campaign or advertising venture, chat with us today if your organisation would like to partner with us. 

Payroll giving 

Your kind donations are how we continue to support people with disabilities to live their lives to the full. Through small monthly donations taken straight from your payroll, you could help us continue to impact many through our work. 


You don’t have to run a marathon to help us make a difference. If you have any special skills that could help our diverse community to live enriching lives, then we could provide you with valuable training to help us make an impact. By organising activities that can support people with disabilities to get into employment, learn life skills or increase their independence, you could change a life. 

Gift in kind 

If you have expertise or resources to offer that could help us in our mission to give every person the opportunity to live healthy, active and fulfilled lives, then you could consider donating a gift in kind. Instead of traditional cash donations, a gift in kind means that you could donate goods, services or even skills that could help us carry out our impactful work. Your generous donations could change a life. 

We’re proud to have many brilliant partners who support our work. Our sincerest thanks to the following generous supporters. (We wish we could include everyone, but the list is too long!): 

  • Capacity 
  • Bean 
  • Transform Lives 
  • Project Collective 
  • Equilibrium CIC (the Livvy)

Meet the people we support 

Your donations make our work possible. Discover who will benefit from your donations and the huge impact it has on their lives.