Your support changes lives. When you give us a generous donation, volunteer your valuable time or fundraise for us, you’re helping us to help more and more people with disabilities and their families to live their best lives. That’s why we need you, so we can continue to make a difference.

People we support

We believe that everyone should have a fulfilled and meaningful life. We support people with learning disabilities, autism and acquired brain injuries to live lives that are enriched and rewarding. Our support helps a diverse community of people including children, families and carers to access the resources that they need to make a difference to the lives of those around them. Through donations, we’re able to support the people in our communities to enjoy new life experiences, learn new skills or access equipment that can help to transform their daily lives.

Impact on the community

Through the support we give, we work hard to create a better world where people with disabilities have the freedom to make a contribution to diverse communities, as unique and valued members. We empower people and help them to access the resources to control their own lives and access enriching life experiences. With the right understanding, positive relationships and strong beliefs, we’re helping to make our communities greater and more inclusive places.

A voice for social care 

We do things a little differently at Options, as a voice for social care, we always place people before anything else. We believe strongly in listening to each individual person and their families, to design person-centred care and support that suits them. Community is everything to us and we’ll give a voice to those who need it most, working to create a lasting impact and shouting about what’s right.