We work with some great Trusts and Foundations that are the driving force behind the work we do. Without the support of Trusts and Foundations, we wouldn’t be able to continue to change the lives of people with disabilities within our communities. Through this funding, we’re able to provide the necessary resources to the people we support, such as enabling them to learn valuable life skills, access the specific equipment they need and encourage them to try new experiences. 

How we’ve worked with Trusts and Foundations 

We’ve partnered with some supportive and inspiring Trusts and Foundations that share our vision to create more inclusive and dynamic communities for people with disabilities. It’s through their funding that we’ve been able to provide the resources and personalised support that our communities need most, as well as delivering some of our highly successful programmes and initiatives. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from our valuable funders, to help us to achieve our important mission and change lives, one person at a time. 

Some of the funders we’ve worked with include: 

  • Liverpool Lord Mayor’s Chosen Charity 2022
  • The Hobson Charity 
  • Will Charitable Trust 
  • National Lottery Community Fund 

How you can support us 

Your funding could help us to make a real difference, and we’re always looking to work with more trusts and foundations to support the important work that we’re doing. By partnering with Options as a trust or foundation, we’ll provide shared learning and reporting, so that you can see just how you’re making a difference, as well as important insights showing exactly how your funding is making an impact. 

If you’re a trust or foundation that is looking to create a lasting impact through your funding, then there are various ways that you can support us, such as: 

Building and developing a multi-year relationship 

If you’d like to provide recurring funding over a longer period, then we can create a relationship that enables us to remove some of the barriers facing our community and provide long-lasting support. 

Partnering with us about a challenge you’re trying to solve 

Do you share our vision of creating more inclusive communities and overcoming the challenges facing the people we support? If there’s a particular challenge that you’d like to help us overcome, your funding can help us to provide the resources to support our communities in their daily lives. 

Addressing bigger societal issues through our expertise 

If your trust or foundation is passionate about tackling a larger societal issue and would like to bring our lived experience and knowledge into your campaign, then your funding can help us contribute to driving positive change on a larger scale.